Organizations of St. Ephrem Church

Advisory Board

An appointed body, this board advises and assists the Pastor in the every-day running of the Parish. Twelve people make up the board for terms of one to two years. The terms begin in January. Each member is limited to a total of two consecutive terms.

Finance Council

This council made up of two or three members is appointed by the pastor as an advisory body to assist in the financial dealing of the Parish. Terms of service are for one to two years.

Sorority of St. Rita

This body has been the longest actively existing prayer organization in the history of St. Ephrem Church. This organization is open to all women of the parish, and meet the second Saturday of each month at 3:00PM with fellowship and lunch followed by devotions in Arabic to St. Rita. The celebration of the Divine Liturgy follows devotions. The work of the Sorority focuses on prayer life and various social activities as well as annual fundraisers to help the needy in Lebanon. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the Parish Office by email or call (619) 337-1350.

Sorority of the Immaculate Conception

Started in 2002, this body concentrates its efforts on monthly devotions in English to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, monthly meetings and fund raising efforts to benefit the parish.

St. Ephrem Church Ladies Guild

The purpose of forming the guild is to bring the women parishioners together spiritually and socially. The pastor’s role is to present spiritual guidance in every meeting and plan retreats during the holiday seasons. The volunteerism of the women of the guild spreads throughout all activities at the church. They are instrumental in fundraising for the church by organizing bake sales, luncheons and dinners. They assist with the various parish functions for the benefit of the entire parish. For example, the members can be found hosting a social hour with coffee and sweets after Sunday Mass or organizing fundraising for a special project. They coordinate special events and projects, including picnics, feast day celebrations, banquets and the like. The Guild members also work to help those in need outside the parish boundaries through various outreach activities. Members also assist the pastor in the church by preparing the altar and decorating the church for specific seasons. The women of the Guild are a truly unique group essential to the parish as they develop a rapport with one another and the entire community.

St. Ephrem Men’s Organization

A men’s service organization, this body helps the clergy of the parish by assisting at various liturgies and activities. Meetings are held on an as need basis with membership open to all from age 25 upward. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the Office by email or call (619) 337-1350.

Order of St. Sharbel

The Order provides financial support to seminarians of the Maronite Church in the United States.  The Maronite Church in the United States is divided into two eparchies (dioceses), the Eparchy of St. Maron of Brooklyn (the eastern U.S.) and the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles (western).  Our seminarians study at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington, D.C. (

Language and Religious Education Program (Formation, Christian Education, & Arabic School)

This program at St. Ephrem Church consists of two distinct, yet closely related concerns: religious education and lessons in Arabic. Classes  are held at the church on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Children’s Liturgy is held once a month. Religious Education and Arabic instruction is for students from Pre-school through Eighth Grade. Religious instruction is also available to Jr. MYO and MYO at their regularly-scheduled monthly meetings. For additional information, please contact the Parish Office by email or call (619) 337-1350.

Junior Maronite Youth Organization (Jr. MYO)

This group is used as a stepping stone between Primary and Junior High School, and is open to all youth in the fifth and eighth grades. Their focus is spiritual, educational, and cultural in nature, with emphasis on the socialization of student at this juncture. This organization at parish will serve as a “feeder group” to the MYO as listed below. For additional information, please contact the Parish Office by email or call (619) 337-1350.

Maronite Youth Organization (MYO)

This Eparchial organization is open to all youth of the Cathedral from 9th grade through high school. Officers are elected at the first meeting in September for one-year terms. The principal focus of the MYO is spiritual, educational, and cultural in nature. Participation at local, regional, and national workshops/conferences is encouraged. For additional information, please contact the Parish Office by email or call (619) 337-1350. .

Maronite Young Adults Organization (MYA)

The Maronite Young Adults is open to all young men and women from freshman year of college to 30 years of age. This eparchial organization has as its primary directive the spiritual development of young men and women as they cope with the modern world. An annual leadership retreat is held each year in October in Florida for the purpose of training young leaders in our Maronite churches throughout our Eparchy. For additional information, please contact the parish Office by email or call (619) 337-1350..

National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM)

This organization has as its Mission Statement the following: The National Apostolate of Maronites (NAM) serves as a unifying force among the laity of the Maronite Church in the U.S.A. and as a common link between the clergy and the laity. NAM helps preserve the Syriac-Maronite traditions by making people aware of the rich heritage of the Maronite faith and by fostering pride in the Maronite Church. For further information, please contact the Eparchial Office at 914-964-3070, or by fax at (914) 964-3071.