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1. To preserve our pride in our Lebanese roots; – by maintaining freedom and open nature – by maintaining confessional and cultural diversity
2. To maintain the connection of our present and future to our past;
3. To travel to Lebanon without a visa and be able to vote;
4. To earn the right to own property in Lebanon;
5. To earn the right to invest and establish business in Lebanon;
6. To earn the right to work in Lebanon;
7. To earn the right to the privileges of the free trade market agreements between Lebanon and many Arab countries;
8. To earn the right to hold a job in the Lebanese government;
9. To earn the right to tax exemption with no condition of reciprocity; and,
10. To earn the right to inherit property and values.
Register in Lebanon to perpetuate our culture, customs, and traditions. Register to make your voice heard! Register to effect change!
Light a candle, instead of just cursing the darkness! Lebanon needs YOU!

Act NOW. Make it Real.
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